Bordie Recharge

at Sammamish High School

We had a blast at Bordie Recharge 2021, we hope to see you at Bordie React 2022, find out more here: Bordie React

What is a Bordie?

"Bordies", originally called "birdies", are the mascot of Team 2412. They are a symbol of friendship on our team and within FRC.

For each competition, the Robototes make custom bordies for other teams prior to alliance selection. These bordies serve as a token of friendship and Gracious Professionalism.

Infinite Recharge!

We will be playing the FIRST Robotics Competition: Infinite Recharge game.

This is a off-season event hosted by Sammamish High School's FRC Team 2412, the Robototes.

We will be using the 2021 Game Rules.

When: October 16th-17th

Where: Sammamish High School


Signups are currently CLOSED

But if you would like to be on the waitlist please contact Laura Dooley at

Current list of Teams Attending: (as of 9.29.21):

  • The Revolution - 360 (bringing 2 bots)

  • Titan Robotics - 492

  • NRG - 948

  • Wolverine Robotics - 949

  • Top Gun - 1294

  • IRS - 1318

  • Robototes - 2412 (bringing 2 bots)

  • Royal Robotics - 2522

  • SOTAbots - 2557

  • Jack in the Bot - 2910 (bringing 2 bots)

  • Stealth Robotics - 4089

  • Iron Patriots - 4131

  • Otter Chaos - 4512

  • BraveBots - 4682

  • CyberKnights - 4911

  • Code Purple - 5827

  • VIKotics - 5920

  • Clawbots - 6350

  • Sushi Squad - 7461

Registration Fee: $250 per team, $100 for a second robot

If you have any questions about sign-ups and logistics, please contact, Laura Dooley (Logistics Mentor), or Kim Herzog (Head Coach).

Safety Guidelines

We are hopeful that this event will be able to take place but it will depend on the state of COVID as well as CDC and school district guidelines/rules. Additional restrictions may be added, The current rules are as follows:

Masks will be required at all times.

All adult volunteers are required to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination prior to the event.

Team size may be limited based on how many teams sign up.

Additional spectators will not be allowed.


Interested in sponsoring Bordie Recharge?

Email us at or visit us at

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